Three youths from Darjeeling brutally beaten up by landlords and friends in Gurgaon

Northeast youths beaten up in gurgaon

As reported on The Darjeeling Chronicle, three Gorkhalis boys were brutally beaten up by the landlord and his friends In Gurgaon. According to sources, this incident happened on Nathupur DLF phase 3 Gurgaon Haryana, last night around 11 PM.

This is the picture of Abishek Rai he and his two friends Sagar Rai and Dev Kumar Subba, who were brutally beaten up by their landlord’s and his friends. 

Northeast youths beaten up in gurgaon

The local police refused to file an FIR. The news only came to light, when it was reported to Delhi Police for North East Folks.

Northeast youths beaten up in gurgaon

No one knows where Darjeeling MP S S Ahluwalia is, or how to contact him. Out of desparation, some of the people called Sikkim MP for help, but Mr. P D Rai said he’s in Shillong. All they needed help was with, is to talk to the police to file the complaint and help the three badly beaten up people with admission to AIIMS Trauma Center.

Northeast youths beaten up in gurgaon

This is inhumane!!!

Northeast youths beaten up in gurgaon

We request all the politicians and social groups to raise this issue with your MP, MLAs, Sabhasads, Bimal Gurung… so that they can all pressure Haryana Government which is run by BJP and is a GJM ko ally to bring to book the culprits, and to bear complete expenses of treatment for the three boys.

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